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  We as members of the Corsicana Apartment Association, represent the rental housing industry in both apartments and single family dwellings. Our goals are to provide residences for the public with the maximum in quality and service based upon the highest standards of honesty and integrity. This is our invitation to join us as a supporting member in an effort to help us improve our goals. We have been in existence for 20 years. We are affiliated with the Texas Apartment Association and National Apartment Association . We cover 3 counties, Henderson, Freestone and Navarro. We have one dinner meeting each month except, July and December. We meet on the fourth Thursday of the month. We have informative speakers and a great opportunity to meet other people in the same industry. We have the available to us from The Texas Apartment Association the RED BOOK that has the legal laws that affect the rental industry in Texas today. Also legal forms such as apartment or residential leases are a big asset in protecting the landlord and the tenant. We inform our members of changing laws and how to deal with them. We have available to us seminars on legal issues that can save you hundreds of dollars in potential law suits. Product/Service companies are encouraged to become members giving them the opportunity to increase their business. Owner/manager members support those Produce/Service members by doing business with them. If you own 1 or 100 rental properties, you are encouraged to join us. The knowledge and support our association can give you just might save you and your properties from a law suit that could cost your everything. TENANTS KNOW THEIR RIGHTS, DO YOU?


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